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Design Capability

Valmont has been recognized as the leader in the structure pole engineering field for long time.

Valmont has participated in the establishment of national standards for designing, manufacturing and installing pole structures. Valmont has involved actively in the engineering committee like ASCE, AISC, ANSI, AASHTO, TRB, NCHRP and etc. Valmont¨s expertise and solid engineering experience in the pole industry has brought a lot of values to the development of pole industry and also help Valmont to stay as industry leader for many years. 。

Valmont China has a very strong engineering group with over 60 staff. In addition, Valmont China is equipped with a global engineering center in Shanghai whose main responsibilities are to provide engineering service to international customers and Valmont USA or Europe.

Valmont¨s international customers have achieved great success from the strong engineering service out of China.

Valmont China can create design based on many international recognized standards including ASCE, AASHTO 1994/2001, BS5649, CP3&TR7, BS6399, EN40, EUROCODE, TIA/EIA-222-G (or F) and many more´..

Strong engineering team also brought Valmont great competitive advantage by the most optimized and also reliable design. Also the prompt service response and language skills are additional values we can provide.

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