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Sales Engineer

Job responsibilities:

The regional sales manager's leadership, participation in regional sales team work, coordinate with product team to achieve the sales target; Understand the market and customer, to provide the best sales services to customers, so that every customer satisfaction; at the same time, collect and feedback the information to the company; Responsible for providing useful information to support the company market database build customer files, updated once every half a year; Assist regional sales manager to complete the sales report and sales forecast; Assist regional sales manager to payment for delivery after the accounts receivable; cooperate with the company to deal with quality issues; There is a strong awareness of environmental safety, grasp the knowledge related to environmental security; To accept the relevant environmental safety knowledge training.

Qualification requirements:

College or above degree, 2 years relevant working experience in sales; Familiar with the product structure of the company, has the utility, lighting, communications sales experience is preferred; Good communication skills and interpersonal skills; Skilled use of various office software; Work carefully, have patience, can adapt to business trip.


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